Leonardo Carbiner

Leonardo Carbiner Takes Individualised Dental Solution Approach to Deliver the Best Outcomes

A nation-wide acclaimed dentist with 15+ years of industry experience, Leonardo Carbiner is a name you can trust for high-quality and personalised dental solutions. He is committed to improving the overall oral health and wellbeing of his patients, creating beautiful faces and confident smiles. Let’s understand what makes him one of the most accomplished and reliable dentists in the U.K. 

Leonardo Carbiner – Academic Excellence & Achievements 

The dentist completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Sweden and started his career as an associate dentist for 3 years at a busy family practice in Essex, while attending postgraduate courses in London, soon after he moved north to work as a Dental Practice Owner in a Scotland-based dental clinic. This gave him the opportunity to combine his dentistry skills with management expertise, providing services to the highest standards. He was actively involved with designing workspaces in adherence to regulatory standards while offering a safe and comfortable ambience for the patients when he later transformed that old fashioned practice into a shop front practice on one of the town main streets. 

With a focus on continuous professional development, Leonardo Carbiner also pursued courses in Implantology, Facial Aesthetics and Advanced Prosthetics. In addition to creating patient-friendly environments, he pioneered incorporating with leading-edge technologies and modern practices into the workflow to achieve outstanding results. He used digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras for better & quicker diagnosis and efficient treatment solutions. 

Tailored Dental Solutions 

Be it creating a safe and amiable environment for the patients or using modern technology for improved diagnosis & treatment, the dentist has always focused on delivering personalised care. Patient education is his biggest cornerstone of success, aiming to achieve customer excellence and satisfaction. He does not take the traditional cookie-cutter approach to provide dental solutions to his patients. 

Leonardo Carbiner would spend time understanding each patient’s unique oral health conditions and requirements, devising an individualised plan that is most suitable for his needs. He believes in open communication with his patients. Detecting the root cause of the dental problem and identifying solutions, he will communicate the same to the patient to let him understand how the treatment procedure will flow. 

This involves discussing the problem, probable treatment solutions, advantages of it, whether or not it is minimally invasive, the time required for the procedure and number of sittings, anaesthetic process, recovery time, and much more. The dentist believes that, a healthy discussion with the patient puts the latter at ease and gives him more confidence. This, eventually, helps in getting the desired outcomes from the treatment solution.  

Expertise of Leonardo Carbiner in Dentistry 

Over his journey as a professional dentist in the U.K, he has developed unmatched skills in diverse fields of dentistry. These are including: 

• Dentistry 
• Surgical and Prosthetic Implantalogy 
• Orthodontics 
• Dento-alveolar Surgery 
• Cosmetic Dentistry 
• Prosthodontics 
• Facial aesthetics 
• Rotary endodontics
• Root canal
• Invisalign 
• Infection control and pain management 

Leonardo Carbiner has also taken advanced courses in dermal fillers and Botox. Based on his expertise in these fields, he has been providing amazing outcomes for Dermal Fillers, Botox, and Full Facial Rejuvenation patients. His overall objective has been to deliver personalised dental services to the patients and their holistic approach towards the same has made the goals achievable. 

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